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Carol Pillar | Wholesum Approach

Helping you with your wellness concerns and goals is a passion of mine. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when goals are turned into action. Whether it’s finding your optimal weight, building a strong immune system or supporting a health condition, seeking the help of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist could be the step that turns your life around.

As a Nutrition coach I specialize in gastro-intestinal health, often the root cause of many conditions. My approach is to provide practical, sound advice that will tap into your body’s natural ability to heal and will have positive effects on your long-term health and vitality.

We are not Doctors, we do not diagnose, prescribe or perform any procedures. We educate clients about active living, stress reduction, eating nutrient dense, clean foods and customize an approach to suit their needs.

This is the wholesum approach.


Carolynne Doucette | The Bowen Approach

Carolynne first entered the health field as a fitness trainer in 1984, after completing a university degree in physical education with a minor in Kineseology.

Also having a strong interest in the arts, she later studied and worked in graphic design for a number of years. Feeling the negative impact of sitting at a computer for long hours Carolynne decided to return to a career in health and wellness, After completing the training to become a certified Bowen practitioner she started a bowen therapy clinic. She has since been certified in all the advanced levels of Bowen, which has enabled her to use additional specialized procedures with her clients.

Presently, she has a full time Bowen practice in Kemptville, where she addresses a myriad of health issues for clients of all ages & health conditions. Please visit the Bowen Approach website for a list of the many health issues Bowen therapy has been successful in helping.


Cathy SheppardSheppard & Associates Ltd.

Cathy studied Business Administration with a major in Finance at St. Lawrence College.  After gaining professional experience working for others, Cathy set out on her own in 1984.  She first started working out of her home and before long, her business outpaced her setting. She moved the office to a commercial location in Kemptville and recently moved into a larger space.  After 32 years in the business she still enjoys every day at work.

People matter to Cathy.  She forges warm connections with her clients, her employees and the community she works in.  She genuinely likes and cares for her associates and provides a supportive and respectful workplace.  Cathy works hard to solve her client’s problems so they can focus on what really matters to them.  Along with her outstanding client care, she shares useful tips and practical advice that clients, friends, and social media followers can use in their daily lives.

An active member of her community, Cathy supports a variety of local charities like the Kemptville Youth Centre, Kemptville Walks for Mammography and the annual Salvation Army Christmas Food Drive.  She also mentors emerging entrepreneurs in the North Grenville area, enjoys outdoor sports and crafting with friends.

For caring and personalized accounting and tax services, call Cathy today to discuss how she and her associates can serve you.  “Let us do what We do best, so you can get back to doing what You do best”.  Contact me today to discuss how Sheppard & Associates can serve you!


Chris Chinkiwsky |  Coba Studios & Print Shop

Local printing shop, signage and promotional products. Here at Coba Studios we offer top quality customer service, amazing print material and competitive pricing. We are always interested in getting involved and helping to bring your project or dream into a reality and can take the reins on a project or simply help you figure out that little missing piece. We thrive on challenges and always go above and beyond for your customers and partners. We are also down-to-earth and respect that some jobs are simple and small which is no problem at all! If you have any print questions or simply want to chat about an idea, Facebook, e-mail, call or just stop by anytime!


Connie Lamble | The Law Office of Connie Lamble

Connie Lamble is a Kemptville lawyer who practises in the areas of Wills & Estates, Real Estate and Business & Corporate law.

Connie speaks regularly on the topic of Estate Planning for a variety of organizations including national banks, service clubs, local business partners and not-for-profit organizations. She is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Kemptville Youth Centre, current member of the Board of Directors of the Kemptville District Hospital Foundation and provides pro bono legal services to a number of local charities and not-for-profit organizations that benefit North Grenville.


Daren Givogue | O’Farrell Financial Services

Daren Givoque is a financial life planner and a Certified Divorce Financial Advisor who specializes in producing comprehensive financial plans that allow his clients to reach their financial goals at all stages of their lives. His passion for personal finance drives him to offer a variety of services that meet all of his clients’ needs.

Daren is the kind of person who takes a clock apart just to see if he can put it together again. He applies this nuts-and-bolts approach to personal finance and has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the financial service options on the market today. Daren’s clients benefit from his ability to explain complex concepts and interactions in clear and simple language, which empowers them to make informed decisions.

Dynamic and compassionate, Daren is dedicated to providing personalized services to each of his clients and he takes pride in the long term relationships he cultivates with them. When Daren takes a break from his crusade to help working families reduce debt, save, earn, and invest, he’s volunteering in the community, rebuilding vintage motorcycles, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

For an expert guide on the quest to reaching your financial goals, contact Daren Givoque.



Debi Allen-Moore | Country Ways Custom Picture Framing

Country Ways Framing has been offering creative, quality custom picture framing in North Grenville since 1991.

As the first contact for customers, Debi loves hearing the stories behind the items being framed and uses the information gleaned from these conversations to help determine the starting point for the project.

With a background in business and retail management and as a certified Interior Decorator, Debi uses her love of colour, pattern and texture to help put the project together.  Referring to it as ‘playtime’ Debi tries to engage the customer and show them that the process is not so intimidating.

Behind-the-scenes partner Steve has extensive knowledge of the custom framing industry having gained his expertise learning and working in high profile galleries in Ottawa over the past 40 yrs.  His wealth of knowledge, resourcefulness and meticulous attention to detail compliments their partnership and enables them to offer the full package to their customers. 


D’von Wallace | Eleuthville Media

“Freeing your story to the cities and towns” is not only the motto for Eleuthville Media, but also a personal mandate for D’von Wallace owner of Eleuthville Media. D’von graduated from Confederation College with his Diploma in Film Production with Honors, and has been working in the film / video industry from 2014. D’von and his family moved from Thunder Bay to Kemptville in 2014 and has opened Eleuthville Media in December of 2015. D’von has worked on two feature films, numerous short films, corporate videos, commercials, and documentaries.

Eleuthville media’s purpose behind starting a video production company that caters to small and medium sized business in North Grenville was to give business in the area a voice. North Grenville and surrounding areas are “bedroom communities” and many people come home but don’t live in their communities.  Eleuthville Media was designed to help business in the various small communities to tell their story (market themselves) to the newcomers to the community like D’von and his family.

D’von is also a proud volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society as well he would volunteer with Kemptville Youth Centre.


Elizabeth Foster | EF Tuning

To maintain your piano it is important to have it tuned regularly. There are up to 236 strings in  a piano. Each treble note has three strings, the tenor has two strings per note, and the bass has one. The strings are like muscles in the body: if you do not exercise your muscles on a regular basis, when you do they become sore and need time to adjust and settle. The same goes for piano strings. If the strings are neglected, when the piano is tuned again it will settle and will go out of tune faster. Regular maintenance means the strings will be more stable and will stay stronger and more pleasing to the ear for longer. At least once a year is a good minimum goal. If you are playing more frequently and/or teach, you will probably want to have your piano tuned every six months. Some have their piano tuned each season, as with each season there are different levels of humidity in the air. Much of the piano is made of wood, therefore humidity levels will affect the piano and create shifts.

A tuning takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete. If the piano has not been tuned for a long time, it will need both a rough tuning plus a regular tuning. This is another reason you do not want to wait too long. If your piano is significantly out of tune, tuning may place extra strain on the strings, which could lead to possible string breakage.

I was inspired to join this profession by my grandfather, Frank Morris. I feel fortunate to be able to carry on the tradition and have the opportunity to use some of the tools he used during his career.

Before training in this profession I studied violin performance at Carleton University.

It is a pleasure to carry on the tradition of helping keep music alive and your instrument sounding great!

Geraldine Taylor | Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty

A Realtor that forges strong relationships with clients, Geraldine Taylor understands that buying or selling a home can be a stressful time. Along with providing expert guidance, Geraldine takes the time to listen and support her clients throughout their transition. Licensed in both Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Geraldine serves clients in Ottawa, Kemptville, and everywhere in between.

Based in Kemptville, Geraldine fell in love with the small town in 1992. She earned her Real Estate license in 1994 and she keeps her skills sharp with the Keller Williams award-winning professional development curriculum and research resources. After 20 years in the business, Geraldine is still passionate about helping her clients through some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Geraldine’s successful real estate career supports her passion project — an eponymous art gallery that she owns and curates in Kemptville. Her carefully cultivated eye for design enables Geraldine to evaluate how an environment impacts people and helps her to find her clients the perfect space that they will love to live in.


Irène Arseneau | Harmony Translation

Reaching out …

And not only to retrieve your first hole-in-one ball from the hole!

Shifting gears and changing career can be a reach. After a 30 + years career in communications, marketing and public relations, I decided to branch out into another field.

Combining my love of language and words to my ability to shift seamlessly between English and French, I felt the time was right to launch my translation business.

Planning for this started much earlier, when I went back to school while working full time to learn the basics and the intricacies of translation. Five years later, with a diploma from Université Saint-Boniface in hand, I started Harmony Translations.

Part of the plan was a move to the Kemptville-Merrickville area to take advantage of space and quality of life.  And also to work with small businesses in the area so they could be reaching out to the large and growing francophone community in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec.

While North Grenville is not a designated bilingual area, many of its residents are Francophones. If your reach extends to Dundas, Stormont, Russell, Ottawa and the Outaouais, there is a population of over half a million who speak French. Not to mention those who come from further away to visit the area.

So reach out and give yourself “The Language Edge”


Jennifery Digby | Epicure

My name is Jennifer Digby and I have been an independent Epicure consultant since 2015. I love being able to help people learn to cook clean, fast and delicious meals in their own home with the assistance of Epicure and it’s amazing line of clean, gluten and nut free spice and herb blends as well as its time saving cookware.

I have worked my whole life in the service industry and took some time off to stay home with my children. I greatly missed the interaction with new people as well as the satisfaction of knowing I have helped someone.

I will always be primarily a mother and homemaker and Epicure has allowed me to do just that while still bringing home an income and feeling as though I have accomplished a service to those in need.

Contact me for more information on clean eating and learn how you can cook healthier for your whole family in 20 minutes or less!

We are changing the world, one plate at a time.


Justin Rice | Grenville Mutual Insurance Company

I am an insurance agent representing Grenville Mutual Insurance Company.  For more than 120 years, Grenville has been sheltering families and their businesses throughout Eastern Ontario.  As an agent, my role is to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information to help you make an informed decision as to what insurance best meets your family’s needs. I want to bring your insurance back to the kitchen table, come out to see you my client, be at the other end of the phone when you call.  Most importantly ensure your insurance company is there for you in your time of need.  My office is located in downtown Merrickville, stop in or give us a call… we are here to help.

Having lived and worked in our community my entire life, I understand the importance of having local, personal service to protect your property and your family. That’s why my mission is to ensure you have all the right information and understand your insurance coverage.

Before my career in insurance I spent many years as a Canalmen and Lockmaster on the Rideau Canal.  Working with a living piece of history that is unique to Eastern Ontario was a great experience.  It has been a pleasure and honour to be able to continue my career in my community, helping my community.


Kathryn Pentland-Bruck | Furrific Dog Grooming

Did you know that aside from veterinarians and veterinary technicians (vet techs) the pet care industry in Canada is completely unregulated?

What does that mean? It means that anyone can call themselves a pet groomer, kennel operator, pet sitter, dog walker, trainer,….regardless if they have any training/experience, or not. It means there is no provincial/federal oversight into what they do or how they do it. There’s no requirement for them to have formal training/education, experience, insurance, health/safety inspections.  Would you go to a hairdresser, mechanic, doctor (insert profession here) if they had no formal training/education, experience? Not likely. So why should your beloved furry (or possibly not so furry) family member?

I have attended two accredited learning facilities (Algonquin College and Pets Beautiful Inc.) for a period of 2 years where I was taught pet grooming by not one, but two Certified Master Groomers – one of which was a member of Groom Team Canada! The programs I completed and schools I attended are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

I learned so much – all of the various dog breeds and groups; canine anatomy; canine psychology; the various fur growth stages and life cycle; pre-bathing preparation; bathing and drying; finishing; client intake; and grooming to breed standard as well as grooming mixed breeds.

Furrific is a high-end dog grooming salon, not a production line. My mantra is quality over quantity.

Services are provided by appointment only to ensure the proper individual attention is paid to each client.

I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s), servicing all of your dog grooming needs and becoming part of your Furrific family!


Mary Hughson | Energy Consultant

Mary has lived in North Grenville with her family since 2009. They were attracted to the small town and rural feel of North Grenville, with its great access to Ottawa. Her two children attended NGDHS, and now are pursuing post-secondary education.

Mary works with clients to help them reduce and stabilize their energy costs.  This includes alternative purchasing strategies for both electricity and natural gas. Recently, solar energy has become a major part of her business, allowing clients to obtain their own solar system for the same price and instead of their hydro payments, while increasing their property value, and paving their way to energy independence.

All options offer energy freedom: the ability to use the energy that you need, when you need it, for a flat rate, 24/7.  This is particularly helpful for families, home-based businesses, and businesses open during peak hours.

Mary has a B.A.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering, and began her career in telecommunications product development. She holds post graduate certifications in Organization Development and has consulted extensively to start-ups, small business, and large organizations. Other business interests include the launch of a roof brokerage service in eastern Ontario, consulting on additional residential and business services, and coaching business owners in expansion strategies.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys cooking, baking, sewing, crafts, and shopping locally!


Meredith Luce | Luce Ends

Over the past five years, Meredith has found her niche as a straight-shooting creative professional who generates fresh ideas and thoughtful designs for small and medium-sized business owners.

Meredith’s voracious exploration of artistic methods and media infuses her design work with a distinctive weight and dimension. A graduate the Algonquin College Graphic Design program, Meredith crafts meaningful and sophisticated materials that highlight the unique details that set her clients apart from their competitors. She offers a spectrum of services, from illustrating children’s books to branding and marketing.

Although Meredith takes a playful approach to her creative work, she’s all business when it comes down to…well, business. Her experience as a successful independent singer-songwriter taught her the art and science of branding oneself, as well as planning, launching, and growing a successful business — and she is happy to share this knowledge with her clients, as well as to learn from their own successes and struggles.

When she isn’t designing, Meredith can be found exploring various artistic mediums (printmaking, pottery, photography, silk screening, and more) or out at a nearby farm flexing her green thumb.


Murray Muir | The Plumb”Mur” Plus

Specializing in complete bathroom renovations, I am a licensed plumber with over thirty years experience in plumbing, new construction and residential renovations.

My wife Nancy and I moved to North Grenville Area in 2013 from Stratford Ontario to be closer to children and Grandchildren settling in Ottawa area.

After twenty two years of working for a reputable plumbing contractor in Stratford.  I decided a change would be good so I went to work for a construction contractor for six years to learn and utilize my plumbing & renovation knowledge before starting my own business in 2012. 

From decks and fences to drywall and ceramic tile, the Plumb”Mur” Plus isn’t just about plumbing but also offers professional, clean, reliable workmanship, reasonable rates, free estimates and friendly knowledgeable experience in all facets of construction.

I am an associate member of the Royal Canadian Legion where I enjoy playing darts in the community mixed league and men’s league.

I enjoy taking something that doesn’t work and/or is dated and making it look and function the way it should and the way you want it to.


Nancy Morgan | The Workshop Dance Studio

After waking up and realizing that working for other people was counterproductive to fulfilling the irresistible dream of becoming an entrepreneur in a small town in Eastern Ontario, Nancy Morgan, resident of North Grenville, formally from Montreal and respectively the tiny town of Châteauguay, her dream came true in March 2015 when she opened The Workshop Dance Studio!

In her youth, superior dancing and teaching skills were gained during the second half of the previous century, by studying for 10,000 hours with the likes of Charles Griffiths, John Stanzel, Andre Lucas, Christian Haché, Luc Gonthier and Bill Orlowsky. Followed by teaching and performing for another 10,000 hours with the amazing Tapotage Dancers and Benny Draier.

Somehow marriage and children happen and the thrill of performing was put aside, but the dancing never stopped. Exhausting as it is to raise children, Nancy continued to dance with her husband. Then hearing the seductive call back to teaching and throwing all sense of job security out the window, The Workshop was opened at 215 Sanders St., Kemptville.

Not content to be just any dance studio – Nancy’s dream was to open a special studio that caters exclusively to adults. Non-competitive, with cushioned floors, low mood lighting and sexy fully-length mirrors it is encouraged that you seriously check that negative self-talk at the door.  Nancy is there to hold your hand, as together you combat dementia by learning dance skills you thought you never had!


Robert Magee | Pine Ridge Cabinets

Robert Magee, life time resident of the Kemptville area, is owner and operator of Pine Ridge Cabinets, 2464 River Rd, Kemptville.

Robert has been a cabinetmaker for over 30 years and started his own business 25 years ago.  He attended St. Lawrence College to obtain his certificate in Machine Shop and subsequently did his 4 year apprenticeship program in Cabinetmaking  at Algonquin College, receiving his license in Industrial Woodworking. 

Pine Ridge Cabinets specializes in custom built products, including kitchens, wall units, and mantles, to name a few, all built to the customer’s specific measurements and design.  Robert helps customers decide on best materials to use, hardware, and finishing the products if requested.

Robert manufactures all of his own wood cabinet doors at the shop – over 30 different styles to choose from.   Some customers choose to reface their existing kitchen cabinets with new doors; others decide to remodel and rebuild a kitchen – Robert can help a customer decide which option works best for them. 

Robert enjoys all facets of his work:  helping each customer with the planning of their project, building and installing the projects, and seeing the customer’s satisfaction when the job is done. 

Over the years, Robert has enjoyed mentoring and training co-op students from local schools and retraining programs in the Kemptville area … he is only too happy to share his love of the trade – cabinet-making – with others who are interested.


Shawn McDonaldComfort Consultant — RB Heating ClimateCare

Following his father’s footsteps into the heating and cooling business, Shawn has 32 years of experience in the trade and has gained extensive expertise in the field. As Comfort Consultant, Shawn helps his customers save money on utilities, and addresses problem areas in the house – like areas that are hard to heat or cool – and air quality.

“I love meeting new people and hearing their stories,” says Shawn.  “It feels great to be able to solve their problems and save them money.”


Shelli WarrenSheConnex

Fempowered by Purpose to assist women in creating an Encore Career that allows them to play to their strengths.

As a former corporate leader with 25 years experience leading technical teams, teaching leadership skills, delivering multi-million dollar technical projects, and introduce a leadership college that spanned across 3 levels I now coach business women who desire more out their careers.

As the woman behind the brand, SheConnex, I lead a top notch women’s group where women come together to gain skills, ideas, connections, and collaborations to help them reach their career and business goals. I teach women how to be memorable for all the right reasons. Both on-line and in-person so they can find (or create) the work that they really love that converts to promotions, collaborations, customers, credibility, and respect.

SheConnex offers a safe haven for women who are ready for change yet who are struggling with self doubt. Beliefs that the job they currently have is “as good as it gets,” are shattered when they meet other women who are creating a life by design that includes worthwhile work in an Encore Career. Make new business connexions by attending my popular in-person events and joining the inclusive on line community.


Stefanie Giampaolo | Stef’s Quality Painting

Stef came from an office background in construction project management, but eventually she realized that she wanted to become “hands-on” with the work she managed. She decided to take the idea to the next level in a literal way, picked up a paintbrush, and began refreshing interiors and exteriors.

Since opening her business, her eye-for-detail and extensive knowledge of product has made Stef’s Quality Painting one of the largest painting companies in the Kemptville area. She prides herself on the knowledge that her well-trained staff brings the highest level of conduct and respect into each and every one of her clients’ homes. Stef is always interested in hearing from clients, new and old, and can be contacted anytime.


Stuart Leyenaar | Independent Insurance Broker

My many years working with farm families as Agricultural Representative for Grenville Countyprovided a wide range of business consulting, financial management and estate planning opportunities.  This experience prepared me for a second career as an insurance agent, first specializing in General Insurance and then also becoming licensed as a Life Insurance agent. Now as an Independent Broker for life. health and disability insurance products, I delight in finding the most appropriate insurance coverage to protect your family from potential financial hardship in case of unanticipated injury, sickness or untimely death.  As a long-time member of the North Grenville Business Builders I’m happy to report that we have engaged the services of many NGBB members for various home maintenance jobs and other services.  I am confident that our fellow members are motivated to provide excellent service!

Time permitting, I enjoy diversions such as cruise vacations, and travelling to visit our three adult children and seven grandchildren.  My favourite spring-time hobby is tapping a dozen maples and producing maple syrup.  I’m an active member in our church, support several volunteer organizations and have been a blood donor for the past 50 years.  I consider it both a privilege and a responsibility to contribute to our community.  The North Grenville Business Builders is effective both for business and community-building.


Sylvie PoitrasC&S Poitras Self-Employed Services

Sylvie has over 30 years of experience in the service industry. She has authored many procedure manuals, created multiple training packages on several subjects and delivered a variety of courses for the public service and the private sector in both English and French. Sylvie’s business partner, her sister Claudine, is the author of “The guide for the self-employed.” This guide was created to assist the self-employed in understanding their obligations. Following this publication, many of Claudine’s customers at Fiscomsc voiced an interest in having more tools at their disposal. It is from that interest that Sylvie and Claudine became associates and founded C&S Poitras.

Being self-employed is very rewarding. You are your own boss, create your own work schedule and make all the decisions for your business. Many decisions require time to do research, time to plan, time to organize and we all know that time is the most important resource for the self-employed. The company’s goal is twofold. First, to help the self-employed understand the administrative portion of their business and second, to provide them with simple and easy to use tools that will save them time.

If you are self-employed and are not sure if you have all the information you should have or need some help with the administrative portion of your work, give C&S Poitras a call, they’ll be happy to talk it over with you.


Tina Murray | Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres — The Mortgage Source

Tina is a professional Mortgage Agent with Dominion Lending Centres-The Mortgage Source, the largest mortgage brokerage in Canada.

Tina began her career with a major chartered bank. Then, after working with the bank for fifteen years, Tina decided to take her career the next step. She left the bank and joined Dominion Lending Centres, as an independent mortgage agent, working from her home. That was over six years ago and she has never looked back! The newest development in Tina’s story, is the recent opening of her new office location in the Creekside Centre in Kemptville, Ontario.

As a wife and mother to three energetic teenage boys, Tina understands busy and the financial demands and obligations necessary to maintain a lifestyle in todays world.

Tina believes it is important to give back to the community she lives in and spends a great deal of time volunteering. She is involved in the Army Cadet Corp., Leadercast, Children’s Ministry and of course, with her boy’s soccer and hockey teams. Tina is also an active member of Centennial Road Church.

Tina likes to keep aware of what is going on, not only in the world of mortgages but in the community as well. She enjoys memberships in Kemptville Women in Business, Brockville Women in Business, L.G. Approved, and North Grenville Business Builders.

It is necessary for Mortgage Agents to do their homework on mortgage regulations, as they can and do change regularly. It is also important to be familiar with the many different available products and services that Dominion Lending Mortgage Agents have access to from various lenders, including chartered banks and private funders. All this knowledge allows Tina the necessary tools to keep on top in the mortgage industry and the ability to meet all of her client’s financial needs.

Specializing in purchases, renewals, construction mortgages and refinancing, Tina will work for you to ensure that you get the best deal for your mortgage.

Give Tina a call today and remember: At Dominion Lending Centres-We Have a Mortgage for That!