Member Resources


For Members of the NGBB:

Here you will find resources to help you promote your membership and your fellow group members. By promoting your membership, you give your current and potential customers confidence to work with you. You also help to promote the North Grenville Business Builders as an organization, further strengthening all member businesses as well as the group’s reputation in the community.

Here are three simple ways to spread the word:

1: On social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Right click on the graphic below and select “Save Image As.” Once saved, log in to your Facebook or Twitter account. Create a new post and upload the saved graphic.


2: On your website

Right click on the graphic below and select “Save Image As.” Once saved, you can then add it to your website, blog, or send it to your webmaster to add to your website.



3: In your office or store window

CLICK HERE to download a high quality PDF for print. For best results, select “Auto rotate and centre” in your printer preferences. Next, select one of the following (some programs may have this part worded differently): “Do not scale,” “print actual size,” or set “Scale” to 100%.

Good luck!